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Hostess Rewards

   Sign up for free to host a party with your friends and family, and you will be able to earn hostess rewards as shown below. If interested ask your favorite consultant on available days that you will be able to host a party. 

Effective 19 Sept 2018


1. How do I Qualify?

  • To achieve a qualifying pre-order you will need to help your consultant in gathering 5 pre-ordered "Oysters" or "Games" to be opened DURING the Live Video feed. Cut off time for qualifying pre-ordered Openings will be set to 1 hour before the consultant starts their live videos.
  • Preorders need to be new customers "friends and family" that you helped bring in. 
    • Note 1: Normal customer orders that were not brought in by you do not count towards your preorder qualifications.
    • Note 2: Hostess personal preorders does not qualify as a qualifying preorder.
    • Note 3: After you qualify all sales regardless of who made them will count towards your rewards. 

2. Who can or can't Qualify as a Hostess?

  • Can
    • Anybody 18 years or older.
    • Family members outside the household that help bring in new customers as outlined in section 1.
    • Note: Hostess must be announced before the party.
  • Can't
    • Minors 17 years and below.
    • Family members inside the household. 
    • Note: Hostess can not be added after the party.

    3. When will I get my Rewards?

      • If you qualify for It's Pearl Time Credit you will receive an email once your party gets processed through our Headquarters office. Average time to receive your store credit is around 10 to 14 business days. 

        4. How many times can I be a Hostess?

        • A limit of one is set to allow others the opportunity to qualify as well. 

        5. Hostess Rewards

        • After you meet the pre-order qualification you can then start accumulating your in store credit which will be rewarded in the form of an one time use It's Pearl Time Hostess discount code.
        • Hostess receives a total of 12% of all sales not to include taxes and shipping from your party.
          • For Example in a $1,000 party you earn $120 in rewards.
          • Maximum reward is $160 in store credit.