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Pearl Off

  • Customer Appreciation
  • Building Community
  • Providing a positive space of interaction

Game Rules

Who's cards are lower in value? The consultant will shuffle the entire deck of cards and then deal out two sets of four cards placing the remainder of the deck; draw pile in the middle of the two piles. The objective of the game is to have the least amount of points. Points are determined by the card value; number cards equal the number shown, Ace equal one and face cards equal ten. Prior to starting the game the top card of the draw pile should be flipped over. One card from each players deck should also be flipped over based on the players choice. The consultant will then decide to flip a new card from their pile, use the card showing in the discard pile OR chose to draw a new card. If a card is drawn or taken from the discard pile one card from their pile will need to be discarded. Each player should only have four cards in their pile at a time. Now that two cards are showing face up the points will be tallied and the customer will have the same three options to begin their turn again tallying the points at the end of each turn. This will continue until all cards from each players pile is face up. Keep in mind you want the least amount of points possible. The player with the least amount of points wins. If there is a tie each player will be allowed to pull one additional card. If the customers cards are of higher value they will unlock 2 oyster openings & 1 Pearl Drop. If the customers cards are of lower value the customer will unlock 1 oyster opening & 2 Pearl Drops.

Game Value


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