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Our silver jewelry is 925 sterling silver and our gold pieces are 925 sterling silver with a 14K gold dip. Our pearls are from Akoya oysters and all our settings are designed to ensure the highest quality possible.

1. We recommend our customers remove their jewelry before going to sleep or participating in vigorous activities.

2. To clean your jewelry we recommend you use a silver cloth to gently wipe your pearl jewelry.

3. We also recommend our customers refrain from submerging their jewelry in water for long periods of time.

4. Make sure to apply any perfumes, lotions, or hair spray before putting on your Pearl Time Jewelry

It's important to note that approximately 99% of the world's pearls originate from Oyster Farms. We are no exception. Our pearls are created within a sustainable and controlled environment that ensures the well-being of our oysters.

Pearls are naturally porous, and this allows oyster farmers to sometimes use an infiltration process to add and create a broader range of colors outside the normal white, pink, and lavender colors. This process is how Pearl Time is able to offer such unique and rare pearl colors.

Yes, there’s a lifetime warranty on all pearls and a 90 day limited warranty on all jewelry products. The warranty covers defects in products relating to materials and workmanship, only for products purchased from the Pearl Time website. Of course we are always willing to assist you if you have any issues with your Pearl Time jewelry. Please email with any questions.

A Pearl Time Host can be anyone who would love to invite his or her friends to experience Pearl Time in their very own exclusive Pearl Party. A Host can have a Pearl Party in-person, online or even just share their link with their friends to order directly. Hosts are an incredible part of our Pearl Time family by spreading the word and inviting new customers to shop with Pearl Time.

Free Product Credit! Pearl Time has a very generous Host program to thank our Hosts for spreading the Pearl Time name and bringing new customers to our business. Our Host Program allows potential hosts to earn up to 20% of the total party sales as well as exclusive jewelry and oyster trays! For more information, reach out to your favorite Pearl Time Consultant.

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