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Consultant FAQ

Q: How do I find my website link?
A: Your website link can be found by clicking the name of your store to the right of your photo on your vendor profile page (1st pink box).

Q: What is my 40% OFF discount code?
A: The 40% OFF discount code will be listed in the second demographic section of your profile page.

Q: What is admin page?
A: The admin page is where consultants order oyster replenishments and purchase 40% off jewelry using their 40% off code.

Q: Can I use my 40% OFF discount code on my website?
A: NO. Its Pearl Time offers each of its consultants the opportunity to save 40% on jewelry. Your personal 40% off code is to be used by you and YOU only. This code should ONLY be used on the "Our World of Pearls" business website found by selecting the third pink box labeled "Admin Page". It is also important to know this code will only work in the following collections: Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets, Pearl Cages, Rings, and Earrings. Remember please do not share this code with anyone.

Q: How much is my commission?
A: 25% on all sales from your store.

Q: When is payday?
A: Every other Friday.

Q: When is training?
A: Please send an email with your available dates/times for training and they will assist you in getting scheduled.

Q: When will my starter kit ship?
A: Starter kits ship within 72 hrs of training.

Q: How do I order more oysters?
A: Please use the admin link and go to the pearls & games section, select oysters and then oyster replenishments. Pay close attention to the chart in the description section.

Q: How often does Its Pearl Time release new jewelry?
A: Frequently, we do not have a set timeframe.