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Raffle Tray

$3.00 $72.99
Personalize your Jewelry by adding a pearl of your color
Product Information :

 Enjoy an old childhood game with a twist! When you buy a Raffle ticket you basically only paying $3 for the chance to win a tray of 5 oysters worth $72.99.

and it will also be shared by our consultants on their pages. Make sure to follow both our official page and your consultants page to see if you are one of our lucky winners. 

  • Winners will be announced on our official It's Pearl Time Facebook page,
  • The amount of tickets you can buy are unlimited, the more tickets you buy the higher your chances of winning. 
  • Your order number will be your ticket number. For example your ticket number will look like "IPT-10345"

Note: Raffle ticket sales are final and all winners will be announced at the end of the month.