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Double Strand Peacock Pearls

Personalize your Jewelry by adding a pearl of your color
Product Information :

This hand-strung double-strand necklace is a magical marriage of simplicity and style. Every pearl on its sterling silver chains is handpicked from fresh water and is peacock-colored, with a treasured, clean luster like no other. Color makes everything better and pearls are no different—with every natural near-round pearl celebrating imperfection, the beautiful color and shine make them irresistible to all the eyes around you. Pair it with a contrasting-colored dress or top (with a dark-colored pair of denims) and, voilà—the world will truly be your oyster!

    • Size of individual pearls: 7-8mm. Shape: AA Near-round;
    • Size and material of chain: 18” length, sterling silver clasp, double strand, hand-strung;
    • Color of pearls: Peacock