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IPT Pearls

  • Customer Appreciation
  • Building Community
  • Providing a positive space of interaction

Extravaganza Rules

Did you win the deck? The consultant will begin with 2 A's, 2 Kings, 2 Queens, 2 Jacks & 2 10's. Once the cards are shuffled in the view of the camera your consultant will deal the 10 cards by dividing them into two piles of 5 face down. The consultant will then disclose which pile is the customers and which pile is the consultants. One card from each pile of cards will be turned over at the same time and the higher-valued card will win that round. The player who won the round will have both cards placed at the bottom of their deck. This will continue until one player accumulates all of the cards OR until matching cards are revealed by each player. If the consultant and the customer have turned over the same card, IPT Pearls will begin. The consultant will then begin placing three cards from each pile face down representing I, P, T and the 4th card will be turned face up to represent PEARLS. If the customer has the highest card value on PEARLS they will unlock 1 Oyster Openings + 3 Pearl Drops & $20 ring code. If the customer has fewer than 4 cards available to play IPT Pearls OR has the lower value card on PEARLS they will unlock 2 oyster openings + 1 Pearl Drop & $40 Cage code. If both players reveal matching cards again during the IPT Pearls process the consultant will take all cards (excluding the last matched cards) shuffle them and divide the cards again to replay IPT Pearls. Please keep in mind all A's are equal to 1 and all face cards equal 10.

Extravaganza Value


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