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Wheel of Pearls

Personalize your Jewelry by adding a pearl of your color
Product Information :


The objective of the game is to WIN the biggest prize on the board!! So the question is... Is luck on your side?? Once you've purchased Wheel of Pearls, your consultant will roll the dice and he or she will then let you know how many spins you won based off the number rolled. 

     A) If your consultant rolls a 1, 3 or 6  you win 1 spin on the Wheel of Pearls

     B) If your consultant rolls a 2, 4 or 5  your consultant will spin the wheel once and then give you the option to spin again in hopes to win a better prize!

***IMPORTANT! If you roll a 2, 4 or 5 and decide you do not want the gift the arrow landed on for roll 1, you then have the option to forfeit that gift and spin for a better prize. The second spin will then decide which PRIZE you've won! Happy spinning 


  • Assured gifts
  • Individual activity 
  • Virtual game