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High Tea

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Personalize your Jewelry by adding a pearl of your color
Product Information :

The High Tea pearl cage is an exquisite teacup-shaped pendant that can fit a single, round-shaped pearl for an added aesthetic. The intricately designed teacup can hold pearls of sizes up to 9.5 mm to make the accessory all the more retro in appeal. Crafted from sterling silver, the High Tea pearl cage pendant is pair-able with all kinds of outfits to add a dash of quirky to your outfit. You can throw it on a t-shirt or a formal shirt to pull off a quirky yet classy look. 

  • Pearl cage 
  • Sterling silver 
  • Holds one pearl
  • Tea cup design
  • Ideal pearl size 7-8mm
  • About 23(L)*15.1(W)*11.5(T)mm