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Amethyst-hued pearl (single)

Personalize your Jewelry by adding a pearl of your color
Product Information :

A pearl is one of the most beautiful, complete wonders of nature—how better to make it even better than having one in the one of the most iconic colors of all time? Amethyst, the gem, was reputed among the Greeks to be magical enough to protect its owner from poisoning and, ever since, the color has captured the imagination of the world. Here, you have that enchantingly deep hue of an amethyst, married to the simple elegance of a natural pearl. Mount it on one of our pendants or earrings and get yourself a marvelous, artsy accessory that will make you shine.

  • Size of individual pearls: 7-8mm
  • Shape: AA near-round
  • Color of pearls: amethyst colored, freshwater by nature