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Customer Prizes

   First and foremost thank you for being such a valued customer. We are constantly looking at how to give back and reward our valued customers. Please share share share the live pearl party videos of your favorite consultant, and help spread the joy for others to join in on the fun of our live shows. As a special thank you see below on how you can win!

How to win:

There are multiple ways to win at It's Pearl Time. See below on how you can increase your chances to win win win. 

Live Video Winners

  • At the end of each video the consultant will randomly select the winners below and announce them on their business page. Make sure to Like and Follow your consultant, so you don't miss any announcements.  
  • You will need to Like and Share your consultants videos to be entered into a raffle.
  • The winners will have 48 hours to claim their rewards with their consultant via messenger or a response to a winners post on the consultants business page.
  • The winners will need to log onto the next live video to pick a Mystery number. If you are not able to claim the prize on the first available video you will have the opportunity to claim it on the second video. Prize winners will LOSE the opportunity to pick a number after 2 live videos have elapsed. 
  • The amount of winners will be dependent on total SHARES and Pre-Orders per video.
    • The 1st prize will be unlocked after 2 customer pre-orders.
      • Only pre-order customers will qualify for this prize.
      • Once the Live Video starts the cutoff for pre-orders stops as well, so take advantage and get your pre-orders in. 
    • The 2nd prize will be unlocked after 30 SHARES.
    • The 3rd prize will be unlocked after 60 SHARES.
    • The 4th prize will be unlocked after 100 SHARES.

Live Video Mystery Prizes $3 - $50 value

  • Each winner gets one of the following prizes per video:
    • A free piece of jewelry
    • A discount code valued between $3, $4, or $5