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Join our Pearl Party Company

      Do you want to become a Pearl Consultant, selling pearls and jewelry? Learn how to start a pearl business. Have online pearl parties, or an at home oyster pearl party. Are you a stay at home mom, or a working mom looking for a small side part-time project. Are you looking to join a pearl company and work from home on you own flexible schedule? Are you not sure which pearl company you want to pick that will help you grow?

       Join our team and we will help you start your business as you work from the comfort of your home. Make your hours and never again worry about asking for permission to go on vacation. This is one of many perks of working with us. Our staff will guide you through the process on how to get started and will be with you all the way to ensure your success. We have a strong support group that help each other out to grow and provide guidance through this new adventure. 

     You will have the liberty to sell on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest if you want to sell online. If you don't want to sell online you can also sell in person at your friends house or you house. At home parties in person are also great way to sell your products. You will have the liberty and flexibility to sell how you see fit for your style and personality. 

     Once you join you will be assigned your own personal website and business email. You will have access to our websites where you control and manage your own schedule. You as the consultant will be able to make a 25% commission off all sales that are made through your personal website. 

     You will also have the ability to earn multiple bonuses. You will be able to earn additional bonuses from your sales, and from the sales of any consultants you recruit under you to be part of your team. 

     Note: We would love to bring on each and every new applicant, but sadly at this moment we are only able to sign on new consultants from with in the United States that are 18 years old and above.


Starter Kit comes with items below:

Starter Kit @ $89.95 (valued over $250) will include:

  • 12 Regular Oysters.
  • 1 Practice Oysters.
  • 12 Pearl Envelops.
  • 1 Pearl Gauges.
  • 1 Sand Bowls.
  • 1 Bag of Sand.
  • 1 Shucker.
  • Your own personal customer website.
  • Access to our back office for keeping track of orders.
  • Access to our Headquarters website and vast training material. 

         Additional Items seen on the picture above can be purchased from our store to add to your Starter Kit. You will have the liberty to pick and choose extra items for your starter kit. 

         All consultants will automatically enjoy an unlimited 40% discount on all jewelry from our Headquarters website. Once our recruiting rep gives you access to our headquarters website you will also receive a discount code to enjoy an extra 40% off one time use discount to purchase display jewelry. 


    1. How do I apply and purchase the starter kit?

       A. First you would apply using the big red link below called “Apply Here”, and once you are done applying you will be redirected to the starter kit page. If you choose to purchase the starter kit a little later you can purchase your starter kit using the link at the bottom of the website called “Starter Kit”. 

    2. What happens after I purchase the Starter Kit?

       A. Once you purchase your starter kit we ask you to please send us a fancy picture of you that we can use on our website. Please send it our recruiting rep at:

    3. What happens after I send my picture in?

       A. You will be placed on the list with your other fellow new consultants. As our recruiting rep finishes up with the consultants in front of you she will begin getting your websites and profiles ready. Once your websites are ready you will receive an email with your log in and websites information. In that email you will receive some additional small steps for you to complete. This whole process will take around 2 weeks from the day you purchase your starter kit.

    4. When will I get my starter kit?

       A. Once you finish the additional small steps our recruiting rep emails you, we will be able to mail off the starter kit to you. On average your starter kit can arrive to you 2 to 3 weeks from the day you purchased your kit. 

    5. Can I order more than 1 starter kit?

       A. At the moment you are only able to purchase 1 starter kit at a time for your household.

    6. How do I order more oysters for selling?

       A. Once you have access to our headquarters website you will be able to order additional oysters once you have sold the majority of your starter oysters. 

    7. When can I order more oysters?

       A. Once you sell the oysters from your starter kit you will be able to order additional oyster replenishments.

    8. Do I have to sell only on Facebook Live or can I sell on other social sites, or in person in Home Parties?

       A. You have the option to sell Live on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform you wish. You are not obligated to sell just on Facebook Live. You can sell in person at your house or at your friends house to friends and family.

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