Friendly Notice

Color difference:

   The pictures on our site are picture of the actual products. At times there can be slight color differences of your purchased item when compared to what you can see on your computer or phone screens. Different devices can have a great affect on how true product colors can be seen. Items can also have color differences when viewed in low lighting areas or during direct sun light. Our pictures are taken with lighting setup to replicate direct sunlight to help bring out the colors of our products. 


   Please select the suitable size of jewelry when you purchase from our site. Sizes info of our items can be found in the item description. If you find the product size is unsuitable for you, simply contact our customer service via email to schedule a return. You will need to pay for the shipping charges when mailing your item in. 

Customer Service:

   If you receive the product and found any items to be damaged or unsatisfactory, please contact our customer service via email as soon as possible to schedule a return. Keep in mind when emailing during the weekends or during scheduled days off for holidays. We will do our best to contact you as soon as possible. Our primary goal is to deliver quality products to our valued customers.